Episode 14: Featuring Mike Burgett, Founder and Executive Advisor at CIO Partners

In this episode of Net Effects Podcast, co-hosts Les Ottolenghi and Mark Bavisotto interview Mike Burgett, the Founder and Executive Advisor of CIO Partners. As a former CIO, Burgett has a perspective on both sides of the lens for both technology leaders and executive recruiting for the Fortune 1000.

This episode includes topics around personal transformation for CIOs whether networking with mentors and peer-advisors or seeking knowledge and counsel to improve skill sets to be a more effective leader.

Episode Highlights:

  • Be a lifelong knowledge-seeker and pursue counsel where and when you need advice. Great leaders – both seasoned and emerging – have the ability to be humble while also understanding their individual strengths and what they bring to the table.
  • It’s hard to always get CIO mentorship from people you know because they may not understand the challenges you face on a daily basis. If you are a young leader, Burgett recommends having an idea of leaders who you want to emulate and as you grow, consider which peers are doing it well. Build a network on the way up and reach out directly to CIOs you draw inspiration from — introduce yourself and your story.
  • Many CIOs have a natural propensity towards traits as a born leader. Other traits can also be learned and practiced; seek information, expert counsel, and best practices to address gaps in knowledge and traits.
  • Culture triumphs over everything in the success of an organization. What does a tech leader do to be successful and aligned with today’s trends and moving forward? It’s important to stay connected to other tech leaders for thought-share and learning, align with peers, and pursue effectiveness in what you’re delivering.
  • “We are defined by our path.” Don’t be defined by a chronological history but rather milestones of accomplishments and/or things transformed.

Mike is a passionate advocate of mentorship, bringing up the next generation of leaders, and contributing to a culture of success with the enterprise. Listen to the full episode now.

About Mike Burgett and CIO Partners: Mike Burgett is the Founder and Executive Advisor of CIO Partners®, a technology services company specializing in Executive Search and Recruitment Strategies for the Fortune 1000. He also serves in a similar role for Talentric®, an On-Demand Talent Acquisition Partner that operates with NO placement fees.

Burgett founded CIO Partners in 2001 with the belief that building deeper relationships with clients and truly understanding their technology, vision, and culture would result in a more effective recruiting process. This value-based approach became the foundation of the company’s industry leading CIO RightHire Process, utilized to match the top 5% of  professionals with the right organizations. He has since extended that model with the creation of Talentric, offering recruitment strategies across all industries, domains, and regions.

With over 17 years of experience as an entrepreneur, Burgett has developed networks of executives through his CxO Professional Networks. Specifically, the CIO Professional Network is comprised of 1100+ technology leaders in both industry based and regional networking groups.

Having served as a former CIO for a $1B company and as a technology consultant for EDS, he brings a wealth of hands-on experience to his global clients and to his local community. Clients and colleagues cite his ability to build solid, sound relationships and process-oriented approach as his hallmark qualities of success.

Mike is an active volunteer with Kidz2Leaders, which provides mentorship and programs for at-risk teens. He is also a member of Roundtable CEOs, a faith-based organization of CEOs and entrepreneurs. His other entrepreneurial endeavors include The National CIO Review® and Burgett Enterprises, LLC. His companies have been recognized as an Atlanta Business Chronicle Best Place to Work, and as a 5-time honoree on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing private companies. All corporate entities tithe 10% of company profits to charity.