Build a Digital Experience that Customers Want to Participate In

Jeri Koester, CIO at Marshfield Clinic Health System and board member at TBM Council, drives a Harley Davidson and knows how to take charge. Jeri’s background working in IT startups led to the manufacturing industry, where she learned about workflow and automation. Jeri then moved to healthcare, leading IT teams for the past decade. She says she loves the mission of Marshfield.

In this episode of Net Effects Podcast, co-hosts Les Ottolenghi and Mark Bavisotto talk with Jeri about project management, leading teams, and creating digital experiences.

Episode highlights:

– “I have to be here.” vs. “I want to be here.” The most important healthcare industry changes include virtual and physical models of healthcare. “It’s listening and not only thinking about patients in the perspective of when they need us but how do we help them from a wellness perspective and a population health management perspective,” says Jeri. “So thinking about it from that way, you really have to start looking at your patients as customers, as well. With customers understanding and designing the services with you. That way, when we are implementing anything technology-related in either a digital aspect or even an optimization standpoint within the organization, we are thinking about it from a customer’s perspective and what makes sense for them.”

It’s about continuous connection. The experience for healthcare, or any industry, is shifting into here and now. The Covid-related disruption created a scenario that when you can’t reach the physical space, the interaction changes to digital, whether in-home or at work. Digital transformation is changing the business and the way we work, says Jeri. “It’s not always about the technology. One thing about the technology has to answer, especially when it comes to healthcare, is ‘How does it make people feel?’”

TBM crystallizes information and unites priorities. From a business-partnership standpoint, Jeri says the first question must be, “What problem are we trying to solve?” This question leads to a comprehensive knowledge of the business and its needs; the technology is layered onto the solution. When executed that way, the IT team understands the workflow and helping stakeholders succeed during a transformation.

Having a mentor can be a game-changer. Mentors, especially those who understand your goals and have your best interest in mind, can benefit. Don’t be afraid to ask people; they can help you and your career. Get to know business partners by embracing the opportunity to work on new projects. 

Other topics in this episode include the physician experience, incorporating workflows, new technologies on the horizon, and the future of healthcare. 
About Jeri Koester: Jeri is an organizational leader with experience in delivering complex business solutions and IT strategies for progressive organizations, including healthcare, manufacturing, and technology companies. She has proven leadership experience, including organizational and strategic planning, operations management, financial management, and optimization of best practices. Jeri is a collaborative partner with all levels of an organization, including executive leadership, to achieve organizational goals. She has the ability to recruit and develop personnel to maintain a highly motivated team focused on delivering value. Her portfolio, program, and project management accomplishments have resulted in significant value creation.