Step Up to the Plate. Start a Business.

When Tim Wise was young his father, an attorney, gave him some invaluable career advice. He described pursuing a professional career as a baseball game — those that stepped up to the plate to swing were the ones starting businesses.

Tim has built a career on that advice of stepping up to the plate and taking a risk—albeit with some great data and life lesson-learning—and these days he’s helping other tech and IT leaders step up to the plate with their company and use all data and information at their disposal to make great business decisions. Relying on that baseball metaphor again, effectively, improving their at-bat percentage. 

In this episode, Tim talks with Net Effects Podcast co-hosts, Les Ottolenghi and Mark Bavisotto, about digital, social, and personal transformation.

Episode highlights:

  • You don’t need degrees, starting a business is a “real-world MBA.” It’s not about what you’re going to invent, it’s what you’re going to do better than anyone else.
  • Regardless if you’re an entrepreneur or pursuing your career, you have to confront failure and be resilient. Tenements of great businesses are relationships, knowledge, and solving problems, but relationships are what make the difference. They help fuel confidence and resilience. Also, a healthy dose of optimism never hurts either.
  • Technology impacts economic output and success — rising the tides for all boats here in the U.S. and globally.
  • No organization or person knows it all. The best leaders are open, humble, effective visionaries, and able to execute. 

Other topics include remote work and collaboration, anticipating the post-Covid normal, and where to find the best BBQ in South Carolina. Listen to the full episode now.

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