Bring Together the Best of Two Worlds – Enterprise IT and Startup – and Their Key Characteristics

Every day when Marcus Curley’s mom dropped him off at school, she told him to be a “man of character.” It was this family-centric mentorship and high standards that transformed his early years and set him on the path to being a bold executive leader. 

In this episode, the Wyoming-based technologist shares his experience in enterprise IT with co-hosts Mark Bavisotto and Les Ottolenghi, and how that mashes up with being the founder of his new startup, FrostyFlake. This episode covers topics around leading and living with grace, creating a culture that springs from values and creating products that customers can get passionate about.

Episode highlights:

  • Culture is far and away from the most important aspect of an organization. Otherwise, it will be difficult to secure buy-in for business alignment. Cement trust throughout the organization — curiosity can be disastrous without rules and governance.
  • As a CIO, Marcus loves going as fast as he can — driving agility, change, results, and the direction within the new startup.
  • When it comes to products, close the loop with customers and make adjustments to drive adoption. Agile improvement drives the mindset, constantly reiterate and build product roadmaps and what makes sense for your target markets. Good business partners who are “true product owners” are highly valuable because they can provide sound feedback.
  • The key to building a great enterprise culture: Define who you want to be and what your key values. Meet people where they’re at with the concept of grace and shared humanity. Have fun encouraging others.

This episode also discusses leading social transformation initiatives and the benefits and challenges of remote work. Listen to the full episode now.

About Marcus and Curley Enterprises: Is a culture-first executive leader who drives company and technology transformation. Providing value through strong partnerships with executive counterparts, and execution of team, department, and technology improvements. Experienced in leading diverse teams, working with various staffing models, building competent and high-performing teams with sound cultures, and motivating and inspiring others to execute both strategic and tactical plans. Passionate in building high-value foundations that scale, to exponentially increase the overall value of the enterprise. 

Founder of Curley Enterprises LLC and creator of the FrostyFlake real-time weather monitoring and notification service. FrostyFlake provides real-time weather notifications for the weather you and your organization care about. From snow removal and property management companies to municipalities and government organizations, we keep you informed. FrostyFlake is not a forecast but leverages real-time weather data and artificial intelligence to help you keep your eyes on the skies.