Episode 9: Jason Williamson, VP, Oracle for Startups and Oracle for Research

In this episode of the-future-happening-now Net Effects Podcast, co-hosts Les Ottolenghi and Mark Bavisotto interview Jason Williamson, VP of Oracle for Startups and Oracle for Research. Williamson is a passionate advocate for helping people build things that haven’t been built. At Oracle for Startups, he works to help people who invent, create, and discover do it with Oracle technology. Williamson and his team help startups accelerate growth, development, and revenue opportunities by bringing an array of resources to assist in all areas of growth. Startups at every stage, industry, and/or location are supported and welcomed. Oracle for Research strives to see a generational impact in advancing the world through scientific discovery.

In this episode, Net Effects Podcast co-hosts and Williamson discuss pressing topics in the entrepreneurial and enterprise ecosystem from embracing change to transforming participation in a new digital economy and connected society.

Episode highlights:

  • “People love change, as long as it’s not them.” Change can be hard because change starts with humans. We each have enormous potential to affect positive influence and embrace disruption but it requires curiosity and courage.
  • “Necessity is the motherhood of invention.” The 2021 landscape for startups includes significant business model shifts and funding interest. Certain industries are frozen (e.g., hospitality and travel) but from the measurement of how many startups are entering Oracle’s portfolio — every month is a new record. More startups and higher consumption of cloud services are going up and the playing field is getting more and more level, as the pandemic and post-pandemic world necessitates faster solutions. VC is doubling down more on where they are spending their money, and seed capital is diversifying.
  • There’s room to work together between generations and learning should be un-siloed. Digital natives are better at networking but lack some of the maturity and depth of digital immigrants, so it works better when the group collaborates and works together. Cultural transformation is possible when generations meet.
  • When it comes to DEI, employees, and startups benefit from reflection on the communities that they are a part of, which includes shedding light on where DEI needs to improve. Engagement and inclusion must be top of mind and also happen on personal time (vs. “slacktivism”). Ask yourself, “What am I doing?” Leaders set an example by seeking substantive ways to be a part of positive change.
  • It’s a good age to bring startups and enterprises together. Williamson’s advice for startups: 1.) Make things people want; 2.) Enterprise can be your friend so take time to engage with them; 3.) Spend time thinking about what that path looks like. For enterprises: Transformation is important, so get rid of corporate muscle memory and engage with startups because that will force you to change.

This episode is filled with inspiring insights into how we can all advance through the spirit of collaboration, elevating transformative ideas, and taking time to learn from one another. Listen to the full episode now.

About Jason Williamson and Oracle for Startups and Oracle Research: As the VP at Oracle for Startups and Oracle Research, Jason Williamson leads his teams with the mantra to “help people build things that haven’t been built.” The Oracle team works with people who invent, create, and discover with Oracle Technology; the team is committed to helping startups accelerate growth, development, and revenue opportunities by bringing an array of resources to assist in all areas of growth. Startups are supported at any stage (dorm room to C Round) regardless of industry or location. Oracle for Research strives to see the generational impact in advancing our world through scientific discovery. Every day researchers around the world are utilizing Oracle’s technology and technical support to change the world. Jason’s background spans technology, business, and education — as an enterprise leader in the IPO days of Capital One to building new programs at Amazon Web Services. Jason has also taught full-time at the University of Virginia for 5 years at Undergraduate and Graduate levels and currently teaches within UVA’s School of Data Science. He also serves on the Board of Visitors at the historic North Carolina Central University (an HBCU in Durham, NC) helping Central shape the next generation of business students in IT, Management, Cyber, and Startups.